Statement of Principles and Self-Regulation Plan

In 2005, the Association of Drinks Companies, within the framework of its principles and in application of the commitments it has undertaken for consumer protection and information, proceeded to the signature of a joint Statement of Principles and Self-Regulation Plan, concerning alcoholic beverages promotion and consumer awareness, along with the Management of the Ministry of Health and the Cross party Parliamentary Committee on the Study and Resolution of the Drug Issue. The Plan's principles aim at raising awareness and protecting sensitive social groups, such as young people.

The Plan was signed after meticulous and thorough study of the rules applying in advertising and communication for alcoholic beverages, and of the regulations and recommendations of the European Union. The implementation of the Framework along with the voluntary participation of the private sector, shall help to apply current legislation and find a timely solution to anyproblems or omissions in the code of ethics.

The Statement of Principles includes the prohibition of advertisements addressed directly or indirectly to minors or projecting social success as a result of alcoholic beverage consumption. The two innovative points of the Plan are the joint planning of an information and awareness campaign for citizens on alcohol abuse by the competent public authorities and the private sector, along with the creation and implementation of a mechanism that will control the respect of the Self-Regulation Principles.

Campaign on responsible alcohol consumption
Enjoy Rensponsibly
Bob Campain: Alcohol? No, not tonight, I am driving

Children and Alcohol
Responsible Serving

Alcohol and
Young people

Enjoy Rensponsibly

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