«enjoy responsibly»

An Association of Alcoholic Drinks Distributors initiative.

"Enjoy Responsibly" is the tag line accompanying all advertisements for alcoholic beverages, both in electronic and printed press, and in any other type of information material used by the members of the Association of Alcoholic Drinks Distributors, such as posters, press releases, outdoor flyers, etc. In this way, the viewer of the advertisement will simultaneously become privy to another message, which may prove to be quite valuable for his life.

In fact, the Association of Alcoholic Drinks Distributors has thus taken a first step to cover the existing information gap. Naturally, two words are not enough to ensure the role of the objective mentor, the pedagogue or the advisor that should be played by schools as regards children, or generally by the state as regards minors and adults. However, these two words contain an extremely useful symbolism and a lesson that everyone can understand.

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Alcohol and
Young people

Enjoy Rensponsibly

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