AADD goals

The AADD's goals, as described in its articles of association are the following:

The collective representation of the long term interests of its members, by taking initiatives that:

  1.  Enhance sustainable business development through proper import, distribution and promotion of their products, in conformity with the State laws and regulations and the general policies of the EU.
  1. Protect the consumer from adulterated alcohol, through continuous monitoring, information and collaboration with the competent authorities.
  1. Encourage, support and promote the socially responsible alcohol consumption and participate in the efforts of reducing the negative consequences from excessive consumption in society, in collaboration with the competent state and social entities.
  1. Help to provide complete and scientifically documented information to consumers, as regards alcohol consumption and its consequences, by organizing workshops, conferences and other events, as well as through the internet.
  1. Aim at AADD's participation in similar international associations and at the representation of its members in Greece and abroad, in order to advance its position in matters of distribution, promotion and responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages.

The above goals can be achieved and realized by organizing short film shows, exhibitions, educational programs or seminars, lectures, contests and through magazine, book, or brochure publications, presentations in the media and in general by all kinds of informational campaigns.


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