Alcohol and Young people

Alcohol and Parents

Inevitably, children have their first contact with alcohol at a very young age, through different stimulus (family, television, internet, and friends). A parent can and should seriously influence his child in many ways and help it acquire a responsible attitude towards alcohol.

If the child is between 12-14 years old
Usually, at this age some children when not supervised might start drinking in parties or in friends' houses. It is the right age for the child to understand -if given adequate information- how alcohol affects the body and what are the possible risks.

If you find your child drinking without your permission, stay calm. Listen to your child. Try to understand what happened, give proper advice and of course be the first to set the right example when it comes to alcohol.

If the child is between 15-18 years old
At this age, the child spends a lot of time out of home, with young people of the same age. It is the period where many adolescents start drinking systematically, even though they should not. At this age, the raw models are usually youngsters of the same age or slightly older. The imitational and reactive behavior of this age might end up in excessive or abusive alcohol consumption.

Stay close to your child and make sure you know his/her friends and the places he/she frequents. Make clear that you main concern is your child's future and good health. Of course, you should never forget to set the good example when it comes to alcohol.



Alcohol and Young people
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Alcohol and
Young people

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