Álcohol and Young people

One of the “hot” issues often mentioned in relation to alcohol, is consumption by young people.
In Greece, the law adopted in December 2008 stipulates that “Minors are prohibited from entering or spending time, or being employed in any way whatsoever at clubs and purely bars as well as from consuming alcoholic drinks in any entertainment clubs. This prohibition does not apply for private events
The owners or the managers of those clubs will be held responsible for any breach of the law, and according to the legislation they will be convicted to a fine of 1000€ for each breach. In case of repetition, a fine of up to2000€ will be imposed for each offense. In case of third offense, the sale of alcoholic drinks and products will be temporarily prohibited for a period up to 3 months, by a decision of the competent authority. In case of fourth and every following breach, the business’s operating license will be temporarily or permanently suspended by a decision of the competent authority that had issued the license.
The state, by this prohibition, takes measures for avoiding alcohol consumption by minors. However this alone is not enough.


The implementation of the law, combined with awareness in young people should be everyone's concern. Awareness should begin early and target to educate minors on alcohol and on the risks that arise from excessive or irresponsible consumption. The excessive prohibitions and the various exaggerations could have opposite results.
International experience confirms this conviction. Countries with strict limitations and restrictions usually face serious alcoholism problems because prohibitions "idealize" alcohol.
In Greece, alcohol is part of social life and not a means of escape. From a young age, Greeks, have memories from celebrations and special occasions when parents drink a little wine or some beer, or another drink, usually in small quantities and in a moderated way.
This way, we believe, alcohol becomes part of the social life, the child does not consider it a "taboo" and finally alcohol does not become a means of escape or some other repressed desire.



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