Responsible Serving

Golden Rules for Serving
The professional bartender is responsible, honest and updated

  1. Does not serve alcohol to minors
  2. Only serves known brands and good quality spirits
  3. Makes sure that there are signs reminding that drinking and driving are incompatible.
  4. Has always available taxi service telephone numbers.
  5. Does not encourage drinking competitions -who will drink more or faster-
  6. Does not serve drinks to customers looking drunk.
  7. Makes sure the bar area is always neat and clean
  8. Is always pleasant, polite but also strict when necessary

The Association of Alcoholic Drinks Distributors, within the framework of its objectives and its information campaign, has published a brochure on responsible alcohol consumption and responsible serving.
The aim of this initiative was to inform and train the professionals serving spirits (bartenders) in order to discourage excessive or irresponsible consumption.
The brochure was distributed to the public at the Premium Stories event on December 8 & 9, held in the Athens Concert Hall (Megaron).



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Alcohol and Young people
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Alcohol and Health


Alcohol and
Young people

Enjoy Rensponsibly

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