Alcohol and Adulteration

There are rumors about adulterated drinks, called "meths", usually served in nightclubs and in fact, most people believe in those stories.

However, are they true?

Official statistics that come from the controls of the General Chemical State Laboratory confirm that the last years there is no serious alcohol adulteration problem in our country and the "non- conforming" samples are constantly reducing.
The General Chemical State Laboratory qualifies as "non-conforming" samples, not only the adulterated drinks but also those that gave gone flat, that have differences in labeling etc.

Adulteration is a quite sensitive matter, and thus we wish to establish, above all, the different kinds of adulteration and the consequences they may have in the consumer's health and pocket.

What are "meth"?
What is an imitation

Not Known Brands

Other cases of "non-conforming samples"

10 Points Of The Smart Drinker



Alcohol and
Young people

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