Alcohol and Driving

We should all keep in mind that alcohol and driving do not go together. It is not a matter of Law prohibitions and sanctions. It is a matter of common sense: to realize that what can offer pleasure can also turn out to be dangerous for our co-citizens or ourselves.

Alcohol and driving? NO, under no circumstances.

What should you do if you go out to have fun and have had a few drinks? Let someone else, who has not been drinking, drive your car. In case no one is available, lock your car and take a taxi home. It is worth a little inconvenience when it comes to your safety.
Luckily, few traffic accidents result from alcohol consumption in Greece. According to the Traffic Police, only 2% of all traffic accidents in 2006 were caused by drivers who were under the influence of alcohol.

Our aim is to convince everyone not to drive, after having drunk even  a minimum quantity of alcohol.

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